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Join your indie artist community and tell the world why you use CD Baby!

As a CD Baby artist, you’re part of a larger community of independent musicians, and we want to celebrate that! That's why we've created the #IUseCDBaby hashtag so our artists can join in and make themselves known to the world.

Using this hashtag, you can connect with other artists you might not have been aware of and discover new music both within and outside of your own genre. Who knows? You might even discover new opportunities for collaboration!

Tell the world why you love CD Baby by following these easy steps:

Step 1: Upload your favorite artist photo, select a color and drag the I Use CD Baby logo where desired.

Step 2: Download the image to your device.

Step 3: Post the image on Instagram with a caption explaining why you use CD Baby with the hashtags #IUseCDBaby and #indieartist and tag us @cdbabymusic!

Choose color and drag logo to position.
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Having issues? Check out these tips:

  • Best photos to use are square. Must be at least 500px by 500px.
  • If your image is too tall, crop button may not be visible. Zoom out to view.
  • Works best for desktop browsers: Chrome and Safari.
  • Works best for mobile browsers: iOS Safari and Android Chrome.

Need some inspiration to create your caption?

Just think of the top reason why you distribute with CD Baby. Here’s a testimonial from one of our artists to get you started:

I use CD Baby because they get my music everywhere it needs to be and pay me every Monday! #IUseCDBaby #indieartist

Please crop image to a perfect square